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Vortex Illusion Rug

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This 3D vortex carpet has an incomparable illusion effect!

"5 days after I ordered one, I invited my friends over for dinner. Everyone went crazy about my new carpet. They loved it"


Your Guest Will Remember The Visit: Vortex Illusion Rug brings a visual illusion in a black and white plaid design like you are in a black hole. Your friends and guests will love the design & the reaction will be "Whoa".

The Rug Couldn't Get Softer: Get incredibly soft feeling to reduce foot fatigue with Vortex Illusion Rug. Encrypted fluff to prevent it from falling off.

Elegance In Home Decoration: The mat does not look amazing from just a certain angle; rather, it seems realistic, no matter where you're standing. Make your room look elegant & out of the box decoration will not go without a priceless reaction.

Our skilled craftsmen sew the most amazing household mats the industry has ever seen by hand. Decades of experience have led to this creation, which skilfully brings a timeless pattern to life.


😊Individually hand-embroidered

😊Checked for the best illusion effect

😊Insane "WOW" effect

😊Fantastic conversation starter

😊Durable & moisture resistant



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