Abstract Canvas Modern Wall Art

Canvas Extra Large Wall Art is a modern and contemporary family decoration, which has been very popular. Modern Framed Accessories is made of 100% handmade pure and natural oil painting. It can be immediately bright, more comfortable. This Quality is very amazing. It is perfect as a gift idea. Vertical Rectangle Wall Picture makes you feel happy, makes you think, inspires, and makes your room look much cooler.

Oil Paintings Modern Wall Art is a smooth and luxurious finish. It is finishing with a dustproof bag and card corner protection, and safe packaging. This Cloth Fractal Pattern Abstract also great for home wall decoration, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, hall, coffee shop, hotel, etc.

Abstract Fabric Flame Background is made of fabric cloth with strong elasticity, clear texture, strong natural solid wood frame, metal hook accessories make it durable after binding. Wall Art Prints has an anti-shrink frame, each mainframe is equipped with a metal hook on the back, easy to operate, easy to hang, easy to maintain.


  • Material: Fabric Cloth
  • Support Base: Canvas
  • Frame mode: Frameless Mirrors
  • Shape: Vertical Rectangle

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