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Romantic Aroma Candle Cup

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Congratulations! Your search for the best tea light candle is finally over our tea light has all the quality you need for your peace of mind. Wondering if your tea light will barely make it through dinner? Need a tea light that will be clean out of the pack and clean after burning? Want unscented that really has no smell?

Benefits of the tea lights packaged to make it to your home nice round and clean! Longer burn time than other brand standard tea lights! Burns clean. Designed with safety first! Premium quality, lights fast and burns to a clean cup! 

PB0908 (3)

Enjoy a Safer, Longer Burn With Candles

Our tea light candles are hand poured with 100% quality paraffin and will burn for an extended 6+ hours, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying about replacing burned out candles.

Our wicks are lead-free and made of 100% cotton for a clean smokeless burn. Once you are done burning your tea light candles, the tin holder can be recycled with other aluminum products.

PB0908 (3)

Upcycled Mason Jars and Other Glass Containers

Get creative with empty glass jars, wine glasses, or any heat resistant container and create a unique and decorative centerpiece, mantel decoration, or sconce set.

Just Add Water

Our tea light candles can float in still water. Fill up your favorite container to create beautiful floating decorations for weddings and parties.

Perfect For Any Decor

Whether you are using traditional candle holders or your own DIY candle holders, tea light candles are the perfect way to set the mood and any room.

Product Features:
  • Material: Soy Wax
  • Type: Aromatherapy
  • Material: Soy Wax
  • Quantity: 2 x candles

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